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Case Study 1 - A Generation Conflict
Case Study 2 - Customized Family Office Programs
Case Study 2 - Customized Family Office Programs

The Challenge

XYZ trust (client wants to stay anonymous) challenged us to develop a program for their new family office. The goal was to differentiate their new office from existing ones in the market place by adding MEHRWERT’S value added services and looking for new services that would match the interest of their customer base.

The Solution

By screening our clients targeted customer base we defined the focus group first. As our client was primarily focussing on elderly people we realized that MEHRWERT’S medical services would play a key role in increasing their customer loyalty. Through the MEHRWERT services our clients could assure a first-class medical care to their customers.

We also defined a second service pillar which was the passion for old cars. For our client we set up a premium network of internet resources, mechanics and car experts who could support the targeted customer.

The Results

With MEHRWERT’S service portfolio and the customized services our partner felt more confident and in a stronger position in comparison to the rest of the market place. They realized 20% more client acquisition than targeted.

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